From the main college/university/city website
From Blackboard / Moodle / Other Course Website
I've been here before
My Instructor / Professor told me to come
My friend / peer told me to come
I found you through an open web search
I'm on a library computer & this is the homepage
If other, how?
Looking for books
Looking for articles
Looking for library hours
Looking for contact information
Looking for directions
Looking for research help
Looking for library policy info
Looking for library services (printing, study rooms, etc.)
Looking for My Library Account info
I don't know how I ended up here
DifficultBlissfully Easy
DifficultSuper Easy
This is my first visit
My home
My office
My laptop, remotely
A computer on campus
A computer in the library
I am always able to find what I need
I am usually able to find what I need
I have difficulty finding what I need
I am unable to find what I need
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